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Application of nano-nickel oxide
Posted by:admin  Published:2013/3/1 14:23:17  Click:2571
     1 Catalyst 
     Has a large specific surface area due to the nano-nickel oxide, nickel oxide in a number of transition metal oxide catalysts have good catalytic properties, and nano-nickel oxide and other composite materials, catalysis can be further strengthened. China Nonferrous network. Some silica skeleton wrapped nano nickel oxide composite nickel oxide catalytic oxidation of organic amine to obtain good results with regular holes. China Nonferrous network. Due to the high specific surface area and the silica surface pore characteristics such nano-nickel oxide composites and nano-particles, the contact area of the catalytic reaction and diffusion efficiency have been significantly strengthened. China Nonferrous network. 
     2 capacitor electrode 
     Inexpensive metal oxides such as NiO, Co3O4, and MnO2 can be used instead, such as RuO2 and other precious metal oxides as electrode material supercapacitor, wherein the preparation method of the nickel oxide is simple cheap, so people pay attention. China Nonferrous network. Nano-nickel oxide prepared in electrode capacitance can usually reach about 300F / g, the number of cycles up to 50O ~ 1000 times. China Nonferrous network. 
     3 light-absorbing material 
     Nano nickel oxide in the optical absorption spectrum light performance for selective absorption of such material in the optical switch, optical computing, optical signal processing, and other areas of its application. value. China Nonferrous network. To the porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template preparation of a length of about 60μm and an outer diameter of about 200nm nickel oxide nanotubes, the optical absorption bandwidth narrower than pure bulk crystal nickel oxide, thereby exhibiting better selective light absorption characteristics. China Nonferrous network. 
     4 gas sensor 
     Nano nickel oxide is a semiconductor material, the use of gas adsorption and its conductivity changes can produce gas sensing resistor. China Nonferrous network. Some people have developed a nano-composite nickel oxide thin films sensors can monitor indoor toxic gas formaldehyde. China Nonferrous network. Application nickel oxide film was also prepared by the H2 gas sensor can be operated at room temperature. China Nonferrous network. 
     Nano-nickel oxide in the fields of optical, electrical, magnetic, catalytic, and biological applications will be further developed. China Nonferrous network.

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